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Bohar Solutions’ Version Control Seminar With BCAS Jaffna Campus

Bohar Solutions’ Version Control Seminar With BCAS Jaffna Campus

We, Bohar Solutions, Jaffna’s premier website company, just wrapped up our fourth IT Seminar in Jaffna, and it was a hit! Held on, 12th June 2024, at BCAS Jaffna Campus Seminar Hall, this event zeroed in on first-semester students who were all in to learn about version control.

The seminar kicked off at the BCAS Jaffna Campus Seminar Hall, buzzing with first-semester students ready to dive into the world of version control systems.

Our CEO, Gajarththan, started with a bang. He gave a brief but powerful explanation of the DVC System and showed off some real-world applications and benefits of using GIT. His demo was a game-changer, highlighting why GIT is essential for any developer. Next up, our COO, Thisanthan, talked about why version control is crucial in modern software development. He nailed it, showing how keeping track of code changes can save projects from chaos.

They  didn’t just talk about GIT; he showed it in action. The live demo was a highlight, with practical examples that showed how efficient and collaborative GIT can be. Students were buzzing with excitement, seeing how GIT can streamline their coding projects.

Collaboration with BCAS Jaffna Campus:

We’re all about supporting local talent. Partnering with BCAS Jaffna Campus helps us connect with the region’s budding tech community and give back by sharing our knowledge and expertise.

At Bohar Solutions, we’re dedicated to empowering Jaffna’s tech enthusiasts. More seminars, workshops, and collaborative projects are in the pipeline, all aimed at sparking innovation and spreading knowledge.

A huge thanks to everyone who joined us and made this seminar a success. Sharing knowledge and working together is how we’ll shape a tech-savvy future where possibilities are endless.

If you missed this event, don’t worry. Keep an eye on our website and social media for updates on upcoming seminars and tech initiatives. Let’s keep the momentum going, driving innovation and excellence in the Jaffna tech scene.


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