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Project Showcase: Shan Travels

Shan Travels

Project Type
Website Design & Development


Completion Date
1 weeks

Project Overview

Bohar Solutions (Pvt) Ltd proudly presents the successful completion of the website development project for Shan Travels, a renowned tour guide and travel agency in Sri Lanka. The collaboration aimed to enhance Shan Travels’ online presence, streamline customer interactions, and provide a user-friendly platform for exploring their travel services.

The project involved the design, development, and deployment of a modern, responsive website tailored to meet the specific needs of Shan Travels. The scope included creating an intuitive user interface, implementing robust functionalities, and ensuring seamless integration with the existing business processes.

Project Summary

Bohar Solutions takes immense pride in delivering a cutting-edge website for Shan Travels, elevating their online presence and enhancing the overall customer experience. The collaboration has resulted in a visually appealing, functional, and secure platform that aligns with Shan Travels’ brand identity and business objectives. This website not only showcases the diverse travel offerings of Shan Travels but also sets a new standard for the travel industry in Sri Lanka.

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