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Project Showcase: Thavam Photo

Thavam Photo

Project Type
Website Design & Development


Completion Date
2 weeks

Project Overview

Bohar Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is delighted to announce the successful completion of the website development initiative for Thavam Photo, a leading photo studio located in Jaffna. This partnership was established with the goal of elevating Thavam Photo’s online visibility, fostering improved client interactions, and adeptly capturing memorable moments during clients’ events and functions.

The project encompassed the conception, creation, and launch of a contemporary, responsive website meticulously crafted to align with the specific requirements of Thavam Photo. The project’s scope extended to the development of an user-friendly interface, implementation of robust functionalities, and seamless integration with existing business processes.

Project Summary

Bohar Solutions is proud to present an advanced website for Thavam Photo, enhancing their inventive concepts and imaginative approach. The partnership has yielded a visually attractive, operational, and safeguarded platform that harmonizes with Thavam Photos’ brand image. This website not only displays their work and projects but also signifies their portfolio effectively.

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