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Project Showcase: VV Multi Trade

VV Multi Trade

Project Type
Website Design & Development


Completion Date
2 weeks

Project Overview

Bohar Solutions (Pvt) Ltd successfully crafted a comprehensive portfolio website for VV Multi Trade, amalgamating two distinct businesses: VV Mart, a dynamic supermarket, and VV Construction. The project was tailored to meet the unique requirements of Mr. Tarcisius Vivian Wimalanand, showcasing the diverse offerings of VV Multi Trade. The website serves as a centralized platform, effectively highlighting VV Mart’s extensive product range and VV Construction’s expertise. With a sleek and user-friendly design, the website enhances online visibility and establishes a professional digital presence for the multifaceted business venture.

Project Summary

Bohar Solutions developed a sleek portfolio website for VV Multi Trade, encompassing VV Mart and VV Construction, businesses owned by Mr. Tarcisius Vivian Wimalanand. The site effectively showcases the supermarket’s diverse products and the construction company’s expertise, enhancing online visibility and presenting a professional digital image for the dual business venture.

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